Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Potato art

I went to Giant to get some water containers and pencil leads for Michelle, as I walked along the stationery aisle, I picked up a box of water color and a drawing block, it has been a while since I did art work with the girls and I’m running out of games to play with them. Thanks to mamajo who suggested that I did some pattern stamping using water colors. I remembered doing this decades ago as part of my school art project and can’t believe that after 20 more years I’m here doing it again with my girls this time. I took a potato, cut into half and start carving the pattern that comes to my mind. The girls are so amazed with me, they even praised me for being so wise (ha ha ha, you see it’s not that hard to amuse and amaze your children, all it takes is to dig your skill and expertise that you acquire decades ago!!).

Below were their masterpieces…. The one on top are Emily’s and bottom one, Michelle’s, as expected Michelle’s one is more organized, jeh jeh mah… Emily did a great job too…

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