Monday, September 22, 2008

11 working days to go!

Hubby suggested that I write countdown posts for my stay in my present company. Yeap, 11 more working days to go. Finally have sorted out with my boss that somehow she is releasing me on the 10th Oct with condition that I spent sufficiently amount of time with my new replacement. Since my replacement can only officially join 2 weeks after I leave, we need to make arrangement for the handover during weekdays (after office hour) and on Saturdays.

I’m sorting things out to ensure the transition is as smooth as can be, imagine the things that I accumulated over the past 12+ years. I’m glad I had the opportunity to train my Engineer to take over almost 80% of my current responsibility, I can confidently announced that he is capable of carrying my responsibilities, just that he need more time to work on his management/people skills and to exercise his EQ. That’s why the management thinks that he is just not ready yet to take up my current position. It is part of my succession plan for him to go up though….

Some colleagues have even booked me for farewell dinner already… they said it’s a celebration! Apaler, they sounded as if they wanted to get rid of me for a long time and now since the time had finally arrived, it’s a time for a grand celebration!! Bad colleagues!!! (Joking only) I’m going to miss them…

I’m planning to get something for my colleagues as farewell gifts, anyone has any suggestions like what to buy for:
a) The boss?
b) My engineer and supervisors?
c) Close colleagues?

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