Thursday, September 18, 2008

Burn that fats

I've been trying to exercise more regularly recently and found one really nice spot near to my working place, around 10 minutes drive and about 20 minutes away from home. Since I discovered this place, I've been there 4 times (if I counted correctly) and each time I brisk walk for 5-6 rounds (around 3km), 30 - 45 minutes each session. Sometimes hubby accompany me, he will jog while I walk, twice the kids tagged along.

The place was visited by quite a lot of people in the evening and I believe in mornings too, it is maintained by MPPP - Penang local council with ample of greens, flat walking/jogging path, exercise tools, a badminton and basketball court. It is situated in Taman Sri Nibong, behind the Crystal Point complex.

I can see a lot of regulars there, at least for the first 4 trips I was there. I observed people in different colors of skin coming together and chatting with one another like good old neigbbors, what a wonderful sight.

Let's hope I have discipline to keep to this healthy regime...


MamaJo said...

Ha,ha...keep doing it!!! I support you....nowadays, when my mom around, we always bring my 2 boys for cycling near our playground....which i think it is good for me as well since I hate doing exercise....a good excuse to buy new sportwear.

Wai Wai said...

Mamajo.. haha sounds like you need a good excuse to buy new sportwear leh... me too.. I hinted hubby that it's time I need a new pair of good walking shoes.. see if he got the hint or not..


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