Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bean Sprouts Chicken Affair

We ventured up to Ipoh during our long raya break and hubby being adventurous this time round (we normally go to Jusco and eat there during our usual trips to Ipoh) and with some help of my good friend’s direction we managed to land ourselves in the town of Ipoh. You see this Kampar girl seldom ventured around even though Ipoh is just around 30 km from my Kampar home. We spotted a restaurant cramped with people and thought that it must be good, we parked our car and walked a short distance.. as we approached the restaurant we realized they served the famous bean sprout chicken. Wow all the tables were taken, we waited for a while and got a table ourselves… quick quick ordered as the situation was quite chaotic with the workers running here and there and customers standing waiting for empty tables.

Here is the gang waiting for the food…

In less than 10 minutes, our plate of bean sprouts was here… hmm… see the chubby and fat fat sprouts… people said the bean sprouts in Ipoh are fatter and crunchier due to the mountain water… I hope so and it’s not due to any chemical reaction.

In the next 5 minutes, our plate of chicken arrived…. Looks good eh but hubby and I think it’s too fatty for us and we can taste a lot of “Ajinomoto” being put in it. However the girls love them because they like the smooth and fatty chicken skin… eee….

Just in case the next time round you happened to be in Ipoh and try this dish, you can dropped by at the 2 restaurants below, they are situated a stone throw away from each other and has equally customers patronizing their restaurants, so I guessed the taste should be okay. Frankly, hubby and I don’t actually like it, maybe we are quite health conscious folks who don’t like oily and fatty food.

The restaurant that we dine in..

The restaurant opposite the street.. equally famous


Little Inbox said...

We went there too on the 2nd day of Raya. Just managed to have our dim sum breakfast, then rush to Ikea liao.

Wai Wai said...

Little inbox, oh i see, dim sum at the famous "foh san" restaurant? It has been ages since I went there, nice?

Wah drive down to Ikea? Shop for lazy chair for the bedroom hor?

MamaJo said...

That's the 2 famous restaurants for chicken rice in ipoh.....

Little Inbox said...

Yalor, I have my bedroom make over! Make it more relaxing and more romantic. LOL

Foh San I already tried in my last trip. No really nice le...This time actually I want to try Ming Court, but it was closed wor...So, just go Yoke Fuk Moon.


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