Monday, October 6, 2008

Udang galah n Catfish Affair

We really ate out a lot this trip back, and this time to Tanjung Tualang. I blogged about it before but this time with pictures. Check my earlier post here.

This is our family favorite’s place for “udang galah” or fresh water prawns and certainly one of mum’s favorite dining place for they served fresh and superb prawns, steamed “pak soh kung” and homemade tauhu.

This is what we ordered:

1) 1 kg of medium sized udang galah @ RM58.00 a kilo
2) 1 medium size “pak soh kung” @ catfish
3) 1 kangkung belacan

Udang galah – before, swimming actively in the aquarium

Udang galah – after, steamed with egg white and Chinese Wine, 1 kilo consists of 16 medium sized prawns.

Steamed “pak soh kung”

Kangkung – forgot to take the picture

Grand finale – the bill!!!

Conclusion – we were all very contended and went our separate ways, we continue our trip back to Sitiawan, my dad back to Kampar. I’ll be coming back for more… so must you… For those who are interested, you may locate the place in the above bill.. Tanjung Tualang is not a big town so you will be able to find the place quite easily and I'm a lousy road director... don't want to bring you all to nowhere..


Little Inbox said...

Big fat udang galah, slurp slurp, drooling liao...
Eh, watch out for your cholesterol ler...
How's your dad doing?

Wai Wai said...

Little inbox, my dad is doing fine, for a 74 man he's quite healthy but still smokes a lot... haiz.. he repainted all the door grills, takes care of the garden and exercises daily.

I only eat the prawn meat and avoid the prawn head so should be okay quah, nevertheless I'm cholesterol guilty... dare not go for my screen, now is taking oat daily.. LOL

MamaJo said...

Yup...hubby also always bring us to tualang for big and fresh prawn....he,he...the price is worth it ler....not too expensive...


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