Sunday, January 11, 2009


Michelle and Emily is coping quite well at school. Emily being in the same kindy has little adjustment to be made except she has to deal with a more stern and straight teacher this year (good for her, she needs that). Michelle is doing fine but we believe she is quite stressed up too because MIL said that On Monday night she was sleep walking, walked to her room, MIL brought her to wee wee, she then walked to the living room and start waving and saying “bye-bye”, guessed must be repeating the action at school, then walked to MIL’s room, waved her hand and said “bye-bye” again. On Tuesday morning I found her sleeping at MIL’s room…. When I questioned, she’s not so sure… ha must be very tired walking here and there the whole night, poor girl… I hope she gets to sleep soundly in the nights to come...

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