Sunday, January 11, 2009


We’ve been watching the movie Mamma Mia repeatedly… so we are hot with mias….

Started to teach last Tuesday, so far so good. I’m blessed with a wonderful view, the class that I taught in faces the sea, so a sea-view classroom with layers of mountain as the background. The college that I taught in situated in a high-rise building, 28th floor the second last storey of the entire building. What a nice way to start my new chapter of life.

I’m teaching 4 subjects this semester, 2 papers each for Diploma and Degree program. The class size is small, with only 2 or 3 students per class, so lots of interaction with the students, I also have 2 foreign students this semester, one from Saudi Arabia and the other, Bangladesh.

The current teaching arrangement is very flexible, I get to choose my time and only required to be present during lecture hours in which I packed them into 3 full days, averaging about 6 hours/day. I can choose to prepare the lectures at home or in the staff room during my free time.

Sounds like a pretty good arrangement but of course in terms of the employment package it is incomparable to my previous positions. I’m hoping to get some teaching experience and wait upon God’s leading, besides God is good to prepare a job so fast (the one I’m looking for) and at the same time allows me to cover the general expenses of our household.

So if I sound too naggy in my blogs, please bear with me ya…lecturer mah…. I’m hoping to be a facilitator, facilitating the students in their knowledge acquiring process and not lecturing my way……………

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