Monday, January 5, 2009

Michelle in Primary 1

Yup, today is Michelle first day at Primary 1... she was a bit anxious and excited the whole morning, so used going to school in the morning and she felt a bit helpless the whole morning. I tried to keep her occupied and experienced my first full day being a SAHM... so far still okay but my patience tank is running a bit low already... he he he.

I dropped her to the hall and waited till the teacher took them to the class, later I heard from my neighbor that Michelle was being put into the same class as our neighbor's daughter as her initial class (1E) was meant to be a "special" class. She's now in a "normal" class... wonder what's that means? Now she's at 1U, U for "ungu" violet in Bahasa....

MIL will be picking her up while I cooked dinner later. I have also promised Emily that I'll bring her to the playground later, she's been nagging me the whole afternoon.

The past few days were spent preparing for lectures this week. So far I'm ready, I hope my students are ready too... :D

I will download Michelle's photo in her school uniform later... as for now, a backdated photo after the "back to school" shopping spree last few weeks..


Little Inbox said...

First day in school. Must be fun making new friends and getting to know her teachers. :)
You teach part time in college started this weekend? All the best to you!
I've been so busy at work. Picking up new task. Tired.


happy birthday wai! get another baby soon since now u are part time SAHM! hahaha
many happy returns.. .and hope u had a good day:)

MamaJo said...

She seem to be happy with new environment ar? I do hope Jona will be as brave like her when he enter primary 1, as now, he already start telling me, he is scare.....

Wei, all the best to your new SAHM job!!! It is really a hard decision to make, I know, but, you did it.

Wai Wai said...

Little inbox, so far the kids are doing fine, hope they'll enjoy schooling.

Hi Shaggy, another baby.. not in the plan lar, thanks for the birthday greetings..

Mamajo, don't worry I'm sure when the time comes, Jona's going to cope... a little bit of tears and anxiety won't hurt a child... I'm still working 3days/week for now..


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