Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life 1, 2 and 3

I will be continuing another semester with my present college on a part time basis, this time I will only work 2 days/week which means more time at home and less $$. For the past 3 months, my schedule has been very flexible and unpredictable which is completely different compared to my permanent job days.

I'm not sure how long I'm going to be in this situation, one part of me actually enjoy the current arrangement and one part of me felt "unproductive and uncertain". I read an article yesterday, the writer shared about 3 stages of life.

Life 1, Life 2 and Life 3.

Life 1 - the kind of life that all of us are familiar with, we grew up, go to school somewhere, form our family, labor hard for career advancement, retired and... Focus is to pursue "success" and success are most often derived from acquiring more wealth (money, power, reputation, position)

Life 2 - mid-life crisis, turning points in life, people who live life 2 will begin to place importance on rebuilding neglected relationships, some may give up their high-paying jobs, some give to charity or missions, others will begin to nurture and develop successors for the next generation, a life-significance exploring stage.

But for Christian we ought to live a Life2+ - not living our own purposeful life but living out God's purpose for our lifes and that is through total surrender to God.

Life 3 - the eternal life, we enter into this life when our physical life ends, life 1 and 2 are a prelude to life 3...

What stage of life am I in? What stage of life are you in?

Above content are abstract from the magazine "The Great Comission" written by Ling Yok Wong, Director's of MCCC.


dorene said...

life 1 for me...right in the middle of it...or maybe not even reaching the middle of it yet...

MamaJo said...

I guess sometimes, when you are too free, you will have time to think of all these...I bet when you are full time working, sure, you didn't think of these right? For me, I think everyone will go through life 1 -> life 2 -> life 3, just the matter of time :)


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