Thursday, March 19, 2009

A trip back home

Since it's school holiday, we went back for an early "Ching Ming" last week. It has been years since I last went back hometown for "Ching Ming", used to be my brother and dad's duty, since girls in the family are supposed to follow the husband's side after married. Well, this year was an exception as this is the first year that we are paying respect to mom since her passing away a year plus ago..

Visiting her resting place sends tons of emotion back to me, can't control my tears at the sight of her beautiful photo planted at her tomb stone. The only assurance that I have is I will be with her one day in heaven.

This trip also serve as a good time for family bonding, me with my brother and sister and the kids with their cousin sisters and brother. One day we were all sitting on the family swing, the same swing that we sat on 30 over years ago, we ask the children to take a shot of us, from left is me (beginning to look more like my sis), my sis (beginning to look more like my mom), my brother (beginning to look more like my grandma)... ha guessed we all have aged gracefully...

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Little Inbox said...

None of the children look like your father?? Wah, your brother must be very handsome last time hor?


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