Saturday, May 30, 2009

In the beginning....

We began our first year of marriage pretty same like most newly married couple. Broke but very much in love. With just RM4K in our account and a whopping RM80K loan to repay (we bought a small nest with our limited savings and some help from MIL), we thank God for the jobs that we hold that allow us to live simple but contended lives. We were also blessed with family members and friends who love us so much and helped us to furnish our homes some, for free and at affordable price such as the washing machine, air-conditioning unit, ½ hand but good condition fridge (which we are still using now), book rack, electrical appliances etc…

The first year was spent adjusting to one another especially each other’s style and way of doing things; I detested hubby’s way of so call “housekeeping” principle and especially after his toilet session (ah what a mess!). I guessed hubby is always nervous over his grand mother in-law’s visits (ngoi moh tai yen) and sometimes irritated by her sarcastic remarks (can’t help it mom are sometimes like that).

I missed home terribly especially during Chinese New Year’s reunion dinner and first day of New Year. I just don’t feel that I belong to the Ling’s family and with the language barrier (Cantonese vs. Fu Chou) I felt out of place in family conversations. On the other hand I believe hubby felt the same way too, I can still remember my mom making remarks like “What is your husband talking about?” as it seems I’m the only one who can understand his Fu Choutonese during family conversations… LOL

One incident I particularly remembered was one evening hubby tried to cook dinner as a surprise for me when I have to work late. I can still recall vividly what he cooked that night… steamed fish and stir-fry cabbage which tasted………… well…. …terrible, but that’s what makes me crazy over him in the first place right? His spontaneous character, gentleness and loving kindness. I recalled feeling guilty conscious when I got to work late and did not do my part as a loving wife who prepares dinner for her husband but his love is always there to reassure me.

God is good…. We adapted well… minor misunderstandings and hiccups are inevitable but we made it the first year…..

Campus life, can you spot us??

One of our wedding photo...

Taken during our pre-wedding night..

Next post --- our very first trial as a couple


Little Inbox said...

Ling without his tahi lalat looks like Jimmy Lim, LOL. Not sure if you know him? Taiwanese singer.

Ling That's Me said...

you look so pretty!!

post more photos please!

miche said...

what a beautiful couple! your husband look so young (like teenage boy oni) and you look so pretty (like hk actress!)

Wai Wai said...

Little inbox, who is Jimmy Lim?? I know one time hubby tried to imitate Aaron Kwok's hairstyle.. ha ha

Hi Ling, I will try to post more photos. Stay tune..

Michelle, I hope I don't like his elder sister as I aged. LOL! HK actress?? hmm... all brides look like actresses with the thick ICI..


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