Thursday, June 4, 2009

Matrimony thoughts...

After getting married for 10 years (not a long period but yet not short either), my deep thoughts on marriage:

You lost yourself in exchange to a new “we”
You gave up your freedom in exchange to a new bond
You laughed because it made your other half laughed
You wept because your other half is in pain
You are complete because your spouse complements all your weaknesses
You give up authority to learn submission
Both of you are not perfect individuals but simply perfect for each other

I’m not sure how many more years God is going to bless us with.. whatever it is I’m contended for the first fabulous 10 years God has so richly blessed us with. Happy 10th Anniversary my love and I love you!! Muak Muak Muak…

By the way I was looking at our old wedding album the other day… we have indeed aged…

Before, taken in March 1999

After, taken in Dec 2007

After, taken in June 2008


dorene said...

wow...those are really beautiful words...really sounds like a poem too! I especially like the way you said "Both of you are not perfect individuals but simply perfect for each other"...ah....that's so meaningful..

Wai Wai said...

Hi Dorene.. ha ha I'm no poet lar... just speaking my heart out.. pray that you'll find your perfect half soon..


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