Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here we are... enjoy

As promised this is going to be a fully photo post...

Picture 1: Guess who is this??

Picture 2: "Hello aunties and uncles.. my post pretty or not?"

Picture 3: "Hi meet my bear bear.... my companion when mummy too busy to entertain me"

Picture 4: "Ha ha, you think I'm jeh jeh or mei mei?"

Picture 5: "Ta da, it's me Emily, did you guess it right?"

Picture 6: "Another girl girl here, guess who am I?"

Picture 7: "It's jeh jeh?... Observed carefully before you decide
Picture 8: "Can't tell leh.."
Picture 9: "Ke ke ke, confused?"
Picture 10: "Last chance now"

Picture 11: "It's me lar.. jeh jeh"

Picture 12: "Here we are, when we were small, we fight little.."

Picture 13: "As we grew up, we fight more but we still love each other"

Picture 14: "Mom once threathen us that we will have to stay in different houses because we fight a lot..."

Picture 15: "At the end of the day, we still hug hug and kiss kiss one another, mom and dad just don't understand our language of love.. ke ke ke"


miche said...

beautiful girl...i can see the daddy's face in ur eldest and mommy's in ur 2nd daughter. :)

dorene said...

waaahhh...i'm totally blur!! I really can't differentiate them both...gees...all confused! hahaha...but i know one thing, they are so so so CUTE!!

Wai Wai said...

Hi Michelle... ya ya you are right...

Hi Dorene, ha ha ha I'm not surprised... even the girls can't recognize themselves, so does the daddy...


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