Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A or B

After been lecturing for half a year now (trial period), I decided that lecturing is what I wanted to do, so since April I've been scouting around looking for a full time lecturing position. Just this June 2 colleges (I named them A & B here)came back to me with their offers(I don't know why good things sometimes comes in pairs). After evaluating the pros and cons, probing answers to all my doubts, I somehow decided today which college to take up and gathered my guts to turn down the other offer (which in terms of benefits and salary wise is better). I may sound crazy but I prayed that God will give me peace of mind for the decision making and I'm quite at peace now, so let's continue to pray I'm making a wise decision here...

Just to share A Vs B

A - quite established, nice building, new working cubicle with laptop provided, salary is 10% higher than B with dental benefits, 25 days of annual leave, currently the department I'm about to attach with is without the head (turnover of the head is high!!), near to where hubby's office so can car pool very convenient, 5 days work..

B - growing college, older building with older facilities, desktop provided, salary is lower, no dental benefit, 24 days AL, 5 days work, flexi hour (8-4, 9-5 or 10-6), after chatting with the head, he's quite sure of what he wanted to do, free and easy guy, get to learn ODL (open distant learning)model of learning as it is affiliated with a local U.

With this evaluation, I decided to go for B.

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