Thursday, June 18, 2009


With the newly appointed PM, we Malaysians were presented with a new concept entitled 1Malaysia. Much debate has been brought up and interested parties at large wanted to know in detail what really is in our PM’s mind.

It is communicated that the two main objectives of this concept are nation building and nation unity, which makes me to think is it our nation has not been growing or building in recent years and our nation has not been united after 50 more years of independence?

As a Malaysian I am concerned over the future of my homeland, after all this is the land that my next generation and many generations to come that will reside, live, work and spend most of the time in (if not entire life)….provided if our government is serious in delivering the results of nation building and unity.

It is also enforced that 1Malaysia supports the aspiration of our Vision2020 (just 11 years to come) of building a Bangsa Malaysia (a Malaysian nationality). I for one highly supported the idea of abolishing the columns of “Bangsa” and “Agama” in all forms filling whether in official or non-official related matters. If our government is serious in the two main agendas as communicated, it should review all current policies to support these two objectives by eliminating favoritism, bias, special privileges in all its establishment and implementations.

Well, that’s indeed a daunting task and hard-pressed road ahead for our new PM and his team to work on, in which all of these will be closely watched, monitored, measured, evaluated and criticized by average Malaysians at large. Well, to Malaysians out there, are you watching??

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