Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baked Chicken - Celine's recipe

I tried Celine's recipe, you can find the recipe here

I improvised a bit as I can't find the actual ingredient used by Celine and the result is quite satisfying, the meat is tender and juicy (as stated by Celine) and the children say thumbs up, they commented it tasted like Kenny Rogers, ha ha ha.
The spice that I used (mixed herbs and chicken seasoning)

The marinated chicken



miche said...

so ngam! i just marinated a chicken to bake tomorrow. i just hentam the recipe; italian herbs, garlic powder, salt, butter n lemon! i hope it will turn out good!

Little Inbox said...

You use chopped garlic is it? Mine is grated garlic. Do you pour the potatoes with extra virgin olive oil, it has the magic power to enhance the taste.
Now you know how good I am in cooking, right? proud you see. At least it proofs that not only the picture is beautiful, the dish is yummy too! :D

Wai Wai said...

Michelle, oh really, hope it turns out well too...

Little inbox, oh yeah, you so detail ya... I do not use the extra virgin olive oil as I was too lazy to make another trip to the hypermarket, so I skipped that process and I also used the normal potatoes only not chat potatoes... I intend to do it again when I have guests over, this time maybe the whole chicken and also the extra virgin olive oil step... You are indeed a good cook, so REMEMBER to call me over for your next yummylicious new recipe ya!


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