Friday, July 31, 2009

Our little "bride"

Emily was given the honor of becoming the flower girl in one of our church couple's wedding last Saturday and she accepted the role with excitement and joy. Compared to her younger sister, Michelle decided to chicken out one week being offered the role. She told us to give her a week to think about it and finally she declined the offer being the reason she's new to it and knowing her, she's scared of not being able to perform on the actual day, in short she's sort of "kiasi and kiasu".

Well seeing her sister in a beautiful dress (which actually belongs to her), with make-up, a beautiful hair band and a pair of "high" heels, I can see she felt a little regret not taking up the offer in the first place (both of them were given the offer), anyhow I'm glad she doesn't feel that bad after all.

And so, lil Emily did performed quite well and enjoyed herself very much, in fact while we were taking a peep at the wonderful bride, she was kind of jealous that the bride looks more beautiful than her.. LOL. She also asked if she could get married right away when she "grew" up, when I told her that she needs to wait for the appearance of a find young man to do so, she sounded impatience and asked me why she needed to wait. She thought that she could married alone, I think her main objective is to get to dress like Cinderella. Ha ha ha...

Our family with the lovely couple

The flower girls - Verlene and Emily

The girls with the bridesmaid and best man

Emily and Verlene

The beautiful bride and the little "bride"


dorene said...

Wow! Emily looks wonderful in the white dress! She is very photogenic too!

Daphne Ling said...


Aww...Emily looks so cute!


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