Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh ooh........

A friend of mine is pregnant for the fourth time and a bunch of us mothers of three and two were like “ooh and ahh..” over her courage. We congratulated her and at the same time expressed our admiration of her courage to go for four. She’s the second family in our church that has gone this far, most of us stopped at two and three.

After spoken to her, she shared that it took her a few weeks to come to the realization that the baby is real and that she’s having another baby and also to accept the fact that whatever God chooses to do, no man can stopped (no matter what type of family planning methods you are using!)

Ha… so there we were a bunch of mothers of two, sharing our tales on how we dreaded late periods, anticipating yet-to-come menses at the end of every month, fearing of another baby in our late 30s or 40s and discussing the reliability of our current birth-control techniques!

I jokingly suggested that let’s go for our 3rd one, then terminate our ability to conceive once and for all, have peace of mind as it seems that doctors only agreed or recommend to the procedure of tubal ligation (on female) and vasectomy (on male)….. when we have reached 40s with at least 3 kids. At the mean time whatever birth control we are taking is not 100%. On another hand, there’s a voice speaking inside of me and sort of reprimanding me which sounds like this “Tsk tsk tsk, why are you so afraid of receiving God’s blessings, didn’t God says children are a blessing from Him?”

You see, women in 30s are in a dilemma stage when it comes to child bearing, we are not young anymore to bear more children as some of us would gladly testifies how our body changed and “suffered” during those times, at the same time not too old to have one also. Haiz…. At the mean time, let everything be status quo and let the Master decides.

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