Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today is my 4th day at the college, classes have not commence, so kind of light and easy mode here, furthermore it's exam week over here and most lecturers have taken the opportunity to clear their leaves, put their hair down and leisurely preparing for next semester's lectures, assignments as well as exam questions.

Joining the college at this point of time is one of the best arrangement, it allows me to fit in the environment, get to know other colleagues as well, wander within the perimeter of the college, get a glimpse of the college working culture and also foretaste the life of a full time lecturer.

Yesterday while having lunch with my colleagues, she pre-warned us of some practical jokes played by the students on her and possibly on my other colleague and I (since we are the 2 new ones) when the semester reopens. What she encountered so far was a fake arm on the chair in one of the lecture hall, a fake cockcroach (gee.. I hate it) and student bringing their "pets" to registration day.....

Okay... with this realistic preview of some of the students' tactics here, I shall prepare myself to face them i.e. do not shout and jump over the sight of any cockcroaches in the class, do not be overly concerned on an extra "helping hand" that may appeared before me, learn to associate with whatever "pets" they wanted to introduce me to, do not overact over the sight of blood stains, skeletons, "dead objects", foul smell etc (God knows what are they up to...)

All the best to me ya! God gave me wisdom to deal with whoever that He wants me to deal with starting from this 10th Aug!!

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dorene said... can be the one playing the jokes on them! hahaha...turn the table around and really shock them out of their shells! but then again...


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