Friday, September 18, 2009

Think Big!

I’m currently reading a book entitled “Think Big” by Dr.Ben Carson, not into book reading lately except academically based but one sweet church sister (our church librarian) shared that I must read the book, got it delivered to me personally, I was touched and in order to show my appreciation to her I got to read the book which is due on 20th Sept.

This is an autobiography of the author blended with elements of parenting, keys to success, trusting God, miracles, real-life struggles and triumph. Two-third into it, am going to finish it by end of the week.

One of the section that caught my attention is how his mother (a single parent, black and uneducated woman) encouraged Ben from the last among his class to an outstanding student through faith in God. This is what her mom told him and his brother every time they need a booster from life’s trial..

“If others can do it, you can to do it too except that you will learn to do it better”

Well, hubby is suggesting that it’s high time Michelle learn how to cycle (just with 2 wheels on). However we have one little problem, you see, Michelle has always been more intellectual (good memory with above average academic performance) rather than the sporty type (clumsy like the mummy with below average motor skills), also she’s the “kiasi” type.

First session was… well… second session was…. hmm…some improvement (at least she knows how to prevent herself from falling by using her leg), third session still unable to place the other foot on the pedal… you see she got a little bit discourage… then I remembered what Ben’s mother said and I said the same thing “you see, others can do it, you can do it too and mummy believe you can cycle one day”. I’m not sure if it was those words, the next day, she is eager to cycle and this time she managed to get her the both feet on the pedal but still unable to balance herself. I would consider a major improvement.

Thinking that our condo corridor might not be a good place to practice, I brought her down to the common area/”outdoor hall” near the pool area so that with the ample space she’s free to cycle and the probability of hitting the wall or columns would be lower.

I took a brisk walk along the perimeter of the space, Emily strolled (or stormed) with her scooter and Michelle was free to roam. To my surprise just after 10 minutes or so Michelle managed to balance herself and not long beginning to cycle from one end to the other end of the open hall! Wow what an accomplishment and I can see the joy in her face and Emily’s too. She fell from the bicycle but got up and cycled again.

Last Saturday we went to the hall again, this time she could balance and even make a U turn. I’m astonished by how she progressed, my clumsy girl has finally learned to cycle (in less than a week). That’s the power of positive reinforcement

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