Monday, October 19, 2009

Updates on my princesses

I realized I've not been blogging about my 2 princesses lately... here's an update of them.

Lil Emily:
5 years, 7 months and 27 days old as of today.
Lost 2 of her bottom incisors last week, blame on me lar, she asked for an apple, normally I cut for her, this time I was too lazy, washed it and asked her to bite it, the green apple proofed to be too hard for her tiny teeth, both incisors were badly shaken and permanently removed last week, one by MIL and the other one in my hands...
Completed her 2nd assessment on 4 subjects, as of now she said she got two 100%, happy go lucky and now enjoying her holidays already, everyday drawing, dressing up, building blocks, cutting the barbie's doll hair and anything that she could lay her hands onto...
Growing well and certainly is catching up real fast, about inches shorter than Jeh Jeh, her palms and fingers are basically longer than the Jeh Jeh already, face also slightly bigger than Michelle already. I believe in a year or so Emily will be on par or bigger size than Jeh Jeh...

Michelle Jeh Jeh:
7 years 3 months and 8 days old as of today.
So far lost all her 8 front incisors (top and bottom, 3 grew up from the bottom row and 2 coming up soon from the top row, can see little tiny white spot protruding from her gums.
Completed her 4th assessment and performance so far is quite inconsistent with position 20th, 11th, 3rd and this time maybe 15th or so in the class... Primary 1 is so competitive, the average marks is by 2 decimal points.
Growing well, eating more nowadays with good appetite, when I bathed her I realized she's expanding side ways with her round figure, still petite for her age. I asked her to jump and stretch her hands and legs so that she can grew taller and maintain as a Jeh Jeh physically.
She dislike it when people asked if they were twins and vowed that she will eat more to grow up quickly.
Plays well with lil Emily nowadays but still act like the big sister with her demanding tone and bossy attitude (what to do, in fact she is the big sister mah).

I thank God for my angels...

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