Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Squirel in the garden

No, not squirrel in my garden but the college's nursery. On my way to class this morning, I dropped by at the college's nursery and see what I could possibly "possessed" for my new garden, I spotted a squirrel (or it spotted me) with its long bushy tail and holding some "stolen" food leaving the nursery in a hurry. Ha ha caught it red handed. I used to spot squirrels balancing its act on the telephone cables back at my parents' house whenever I stood by the balcony to enjoy my "lau jia's" scenery. They are indeed cheeky, swift little creatures which reminded me of the Disney's character, Chip & Dale which are crazy over Donald's nuts. They are also hubby's favourite Disney characters.

1 comment:

dorene said...

Chip & Dale is my all time favourite cartoon!


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