Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Michelle Vs Emily

A friend told me that you can actually get your kids' finger prints scanned and intepreted e.g. their character, learning style, potential future vocation bla bla bla. Ah.. to me that's equivalent to fortune/future telling which sort of against my principles and beliefs. To me I don't need to go to so called "experts" to do the intepretation about my kids.. this is my observation about my princesses so far and the differences are quite obvious, of course for they are uniquely fashioned by God eventhough both are being produced almost the same way (I think! ha ha) and obviously from the same "factory" and resources (ha ha).

Michelle vs Emily

1) Followed by the rules vs Rules? What are they, I play by my rules! (pengsan)
2) Systematic, organized vs Free flowing of ideas and creativity and most of the time the destroyer
3) Her love language is words, spending time with her vs Lots of kisses, hugs and play time together
4) Love to read and write vs Draw, draw and draw
5) Dress conventionally vs Fashionable
6) Could not be bother much about her appearance vs Won't leave home without looking at the mirror twice or more
7) Stick to her ambition (teacher) vs An English teacher, nurse, art teacher, now a doctor wor..
8) Learn faster through reading and writing vs Learn through action
9) Future vocation: Teacher vs Artist

What about your kids, are they totally different?

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