Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Saturdays..

Last Sat, I plan for an impromptu trip to the nearby beach with my girls, this time very odd because without the daddy. You must be wondering why eh.. because daddy went for training with uncle Richard to prepare themselves for the charity ride the next day.

Early in the morning after the usual errands, I woke the kids from their slumber, rushed them to finish their milk, packed a bag of stuff (some snacks, tools for sand castle building, water, a change of clothes) and off we go.

Since the entrance to the beach are without any proper tar road, I decided to drive daddy’s super road bully (the Prado), was drizzling on the way, I asked the kids to pray and when we reached God stopped the rain and we began our fun time.

Chose the perfect spot, spread the mat and we start building whatever that comes into our mind. Later, hand in hand we went down for a stroll, let the sea water washed our feet, collected memorable from mother nature and decided to make our move.

It’s great spending time with the girls… I’m already planning what to do this coming Sat and again without daddy because he will be away for a seminar….hope daddy is having a super duper time just like we would enjoy our super duper time together.

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MamaJo said...

How I always enjoy my Sat with my boys only....haha...nowadays, my friends even start give me weekend title as 'single mom with 2 boys'..... :)


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