Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to make....

I was surfing the internet yesterday for some games/craft ideas to be presented in an upcoming Sunday School meeting. I was actually looking for tips on how to prepare a cardboard maze and thought of googling it. At the mean time, Michelle was seated next to me, so while I was typing the keywords to google.. Michelle was distracted and was looking on what I was typing.... I typed in the following words "how to make..." and to my surprise (google actually displayed some of the most searched phrased that match my search) "how to make love... XXXXXXX results" appeared on the screen to which Michelle says aloud ... "ha ha mummy it says how to make love".... immediately I typed something else and terminate the scene automatically... Gosh don't want to be caught in the situation where she asked me the details.... just imagine your eight-year old asking you "mummy what is making love?" LOL

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