Tuesday, March 2, 2010

God is good..all the time

An update of what we've been doing over previous long weekend, on Friday I went out with a very dear friend for a movie cum catch up drink, thanks to hubby for taking care of the kids, on Saturday morning we went to our favourite beach at Sg. Batu to hang out and enjoy the nature, we decorated the sandy beach, took a stroll, collected some sea shells and took some pictures. Came evening I started on my long overdue "artwork" project where I decorated a wood piece to be hung in our garden, on the wood piece was written "God Bless Our Garden".
Well, indeed God has blessed our garden, above are some snapshots of our latest collection, from blossoms to vegetables and the last picture on bottom right went straight to our stomach (Japanese tauhu with home grown long beans). God is good..all the time.

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