Friday, March 5, 2010

Lessons from the garden

As I tender my garden, it opened up my eyes to lessons of life. Some blossoming plants are here for the day and gone tomorrow, it teaches me that life is fragile, we could have it today and lose it tomorrow, so we ought to live life to the fullest. Some plants failed to yield until you decided to give it a shock by trimming it completely bald, it may seems that you are doing harm than good until you realized that it thrives into a healthy plant. In certain life circumstances, we need to take risk and who knows the best is waiting for us out there.

Certain plants may look nice from the outside but as time goes by, you realized it is not growing comparing to the rest, I decided to uproot it and then I realized it was infected by hidden insects and the roots were rotten. Sometimes our life reach a stagnant point, there’s no growing, all we need is to do self-reflection and see if we are infected by urgent/unimportant things/sins in life, we will find new meaning of life once the stronghold has been identified and removed.

There was an occasion where the mother plant is withering and dying but as I looked deep underneath the soil, a new life has begun in the form of a little tiny child plant. Sometimes the old has to go to make way for the new, unless we died to our old-self , the new will not emerge.

I’m sure a lot of gardeners experienced this, the plant was clogged up with many unfriendly and sometimes deadly weeds…. We need to be mindful of the quiet weeds that may be growing in our life, failure to do that may choke us in the end.

Some plants just don’t need that extra watering, in fact most plants will die of over watered rather than under watered. That taught me that we should be careful of what we are indulging ourselves in or pampering our child with, what we thought were good actually works the other way round.

It’s amazing how much one can learned out of each situation, only if we care to think about it, so I hope the next time you worked on your garden, spend time in your hobby or merely doing those routine task… reflect on life lessons you can learned out of it. Have a great weekend ahead 

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Get a cactus then =)


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