Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Addition to The Family!

Yeap, confirmed! We have a new addition member to the family! Hmm..... we are proud to present to you our latest member to the Ling Family, slightly over a month old by the name of Spot. Yeap Spot is his name. Yeah, you got it right; Spot is the little puppy we adopted last Sunday from a colleague of mine. I've yet to confirm his breed but one thing for sure he's sure a cutie and for the past two days becoming "nottie" as well. Hubby and I were waken up at 4.00 something in the morning for two consecutive days, first day due to his "weaning" and this morning a 911 rescue call as he has landed himself in a 2 feet depth drain at our backyard. No turning point as we've already got ourselves into this sticky situation. The whole family unanimously agreed to the idea and had openly declared our commitment.

I'll upload some of his pictures later. At the mean time the sheltered backyard will be his home, we hope to toilet train him and set a routine for his businesses when he's more ready, at the mean time we simply enjoy his company (when we are not being awaken unnecessarily)and hope he will be manageable (if not how?? open for adoption??). The kids simply adored him and we thought it's a good time to teach them about ownership and responsibility (if that materialiized) else additional work for MIL, hubby and I. So Spotty, you better be good we hope to have you for a long time.

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MamaJo said...

Wow, your life seem to be getting more excited:). No worries, Spot is still puppy now so, the better you train him now, you will enjoy more his companion later....


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