Thursday, May 27, 2010

May I present to you our Spottie

Finally, we have some pictures of Spot. Isn't he cute but don't be mesmerized by his innocent appearance and pity camera face as he turned out to be quite a naughty guy. Yesterday while we allowed him to wander around the garden, he found a spot, dug the soil and uprooted some of my flowers. Last evening I saw him standing near our fish pond with its paw at the edge of the pond, something fishy is playing in his mind. He is into biting every little thing that moves, I guess it's time to discipline him...
"Am I a cow or a puppy, help I'm confused!!"

Camera shy... "go away"

Sit boy, sit... good boy

Mummy's finger is finger licking good

"Help, the step is too big for me"

"Hi, I'm shy"

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