Thursday, June 24, 2010

Emily, the super CARE BEAR

Last weekend we made a stop at Kampar on our way down from Cameron Highlands (will blog about it later), so we stopped by at one of the coffee shop for our favourite “loh she fun”. Seated near to our table, there was this old lady (probably in her 70s) sitting alone, she looks healthy and bubbly except that I think she had difficulty moving around as I can see her leg looks a bit swollen. My assumption was she must be a relative of one of the food vendors in the coffee shop. Well, little Emily also was aware of her presence, in fact during the whole meal she kept on observing her and asking me questions like “who is the lady, why is she sitting there, where does she stay”. I answered her questions to my best ability/assumption made about her.

After our meal, we made our move and as I was holding Emily and walking towards our car, Emily raised some questions again, this time she asked “Why the lady is still there, where do you think she’s staying?” and I could see her eyes were red and she was real concerned on the welfare of the old lady. Immediately I could sensed that Emily in her very caring nature was worried about the lady, I assured her that she will be fine and there is somebody who will look after her, she doesn’t look like she’s being abandoned or homeless (Well, I hope I’m right). By now her tears began to drop and I continue with my words of assurance.

By then Michelle and daddy caught up with us (they stopped to buy some snacks) and asked why Emily is crying, I explained to them and they were quite surprised but not me, somehow I could sensed that Emily really was showing her genuine concern for this stranger, called her emotional if you want to but she’s really a care giver, something unique that God blesses her with.

Well lil Emily… mummy prays that God will use you in His own ways to touch and care for others. You are a very caring girl.

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Daphne Ling said...

HI Elaine,

Aww. How sweet. I don't think she is Emily is emotional--she's just very kind and caring. Many old people would be happy to meet someone like her.



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