Monday, July 5, 2010

Cameron Home Stay at Ah Mah's Place

Here is the long overdue posting of our recent trip to Cameron Highlands. The trip was our 3rd one, first one when Michelle was about 9 months old, second trip was when Michelle was 4 years old and Emily was 2 and now our third trip, the girls are 8 and 6 now, so I guessed when Michelle is 12 we'll make another trip (we even can called that Camerolympic, a four yearly affair).

What's so special about this trip is the place that we put in. We went with 2 other families and some church youths (they were there for a camp and we thought of taggling along). Normally we would booked the hotel/apartment ourselves but this time round we passed the baton to a friend, little did we know the surprise that we were going to get.

All that we know is we are going to stay real near to Brinchang town where it is real convenient, to the night market, places of attraction, a lot of convenient stores etc.. So after our afternoon tea, we went straight to check in with hubby's car leading the way, hubby mentioned the place is called Holiday apartment. So we turned in Brinchang town and all of us busy looking for the signage to our apartment, this is what we saw!!

We could not believe our eyes and hope to spot another signage with the word "Holiday apartment", but there was none. OK, now that we have arrived, hubby suggested that we went down and investigate, we don't even bother to take our luggage because deep inside us we do not want to accept the reality that this is where we are going to spend the night in.

Hubby found a place to park, the men went down to check while we wives were still in a daze and try to talk ourselves out of the situation. OK, hubby went in, showed the fax to one lady, the lady who look like a typical "pau chou poh - rent lady" got the key, opened the grill door and lead hubby up. We waited anxiously for hubby to report the situation, hubby said "Yes, this is the place, OKlar not that bad... we can take our luggage down already". In me I was like thinking....oh boy, aren't this going to be interesting, my other friend still couldn't accept the fact but the children were like so looking forward to it.

We climb the stairs, a living hall awaits us, pity we didn't take any pictures but I'll try to picture the place to you as vividly as I could. In the living room there is a set of rattan sofa, a small TV with lots of notices pasted on the wall, one of the notice reminded us, the tenants to keep quiet after 12.00 midnight (can you believe it??) Next the rooms, wooden beds with cartoon bedsheets (the girls just love them), the dressing table is older than my late grandma's. Okay the best part are the switches, they are those way back black round bulky type mounted onto a wooden plank. Can you imagine the place?? Wonderful isn't it?

Well after coming to our senses, we might as well make the best out of the situation right, forget about self pity, we were trying hard to figure some of the good points, well the place is pretty clean, the heater works, the toilets are clean too, the bedsheets look new, it's a walking distance to convenience and best of all the kids love the place.

Well, slowly but painfully we learned to accept the reality and it was not that bad after all, we enjoyed the fellowship and time spent together in "ah mah's place". We actually experienced a truly authentic home stay.

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