Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dream 1 fulfilled

Watching the last lecture video of Randy prompted me to consider my own dreams, what are they, their status and what I'm going to do about them. So I'm going to share some of my dreams in no particular order for next blog entries.

I'm a simple woman and shared with my hubby that if we ever get to move to a bigger place (while having this dream we don't actually have any idea when this is going to happen as I've just gone into lecturing and our household income has been slashed by 30%) I have two little tiny dreams... what are they?

A garden to tend to and an island in the kitchen where I prepared love meals for the family.

Well thanks to hubby for enabling my dream, instead of a garden we are blessed with two! We have a front porch garden and a backyard garden and I had a beautiful customized island.
The island..

The front porch garden

Our backyard garden..

Dream no 1 fulfilled... and I'm a very fulfilled wife, mother and daughter-in-law :D

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