Friday, September 3, 2010

My man's birthday

Today is my man's birthday, I baked a special peach and almond cake for him and we are going for a day out with the family and the whole church as today is also our church family day. I also had a surprise gift for him and the kids are coming up with their own special gifts for the man of our life.

To the man of our life:
"We love you and thank you for the sacrifices you made for the family, thank you for the evening pecks that you gave us at dinner table, the many family trips that you brought us to, patience for the whole group of girls/female at home, spiritual food for the entire family and for always being there for us. We thank God for you, we rejoice for this is a day that the Lord has made and also not forgetting my MIL/ah mah and FIL/ah kung for such a fine man"


JoJo said...

you are really sweet!! i was so touch for the message that you wrote for your man. He is such a lucky guy that god granted you as his wife. May Almighty God bless you and your family

Little Inbox said...

My man's birthday is on this coming 10th Sept. I'm thinking to make a nice cake for him too. I've never make shipping cream before. Is it difficult?
What is the cake base? Sponge cake?

Wai Wai said...

Hi JoJo, thanks for your wishes, I'll be popping into your blog too.

Little inbox, well I just used butter and icing sugar/caster sugar to come up with the cream on top, just beat these two ingredients until fluffy. The cake base is orange butter cake :D, Happy baking for your man.


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