Saturday, January 22, 2011

The girls sure grew up fast!

Blogging time has been replaced by "checking the kid's homework" time nowadays, since they have replacement class today and daddy is away for training in KL, I found myself being pampered with luxurious "me" time... hmm... thought of blogging about the girls (ages since I last blogged about them).

I caught them in action while decorating my cake this morning and took this random picture of both of them, they sure grew up fast and from the picture you can see who is the cheeky one.

Michelle is in Primary 3 this year, as always she is independent with all her homework, she make up her own bed now, I trained her to wash her own dishes, school shoes, keep her study table and room neat and nice and she has been an easy going girl all this while. However recently we observed that she can be quite impatient with her little sis, exercising her authority as the elder sister e.g. bossing and ordering her around :) She has been playing the piano quite a lot nowadays, I can see she's enjoying music and gifted too, her hair is over shoulder length now and she intend to keep it as long as mummy did not oppose to it. For the past months she has been especially clingy to daddy and it's a joy to see both father and daughter bond so well (At least release this mummy and mummy can work on Emily..)

Emily don her new uniform and is in Primary 1. She is quite independent and glad that she blends very well with her new school and friends. One thing we got to insist that she needs to follow the school rules e.g. no bling-blings and fancy clips to school, definitely no toys or what so ever treasure that she can bring to school. I believe she tried to smuggle in even though we told her not to.. anyway I already told her the consequences and it's time she learned. Still in her care free and creative nature and I think that the new KSSR syllabus really suits her, less homework, more activity based and less exam oriented. Overall she's doing quite well. Following the sister's foot steps she is also planning to keep her hair long (as long as she ties them to school) and has repeatedly stressed that no scissors shall be lay upon the tip of her hair. I think she's inspired by Rapunzel. Now Emily is still very latched to me and is real glad that she can have me all by herself (when the jeh jeh cling on to the father).

As I watched then grow, it's amazing how God has lead them thus far, He is indeed gracious to us. Only God knows the mistakes that we made as parents. As I lay down with them every single night, I'm blessed to hear them praying and thanking God for their everyday lives. I stand in witness and declare that God is indeed good... all the time :) He loves us not because of who we are but because of who He is. Now isn't that really something?

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