Saturday, January 22, 2011


CNY - time for reunion with loved ones near and far, time for bonding, time to recollect blessings for the past year and new hope for the new year. It has been nearly 3 years since mum left us, we miss her as always, her love, passion, joy and spirit of CNY will be felt by all of us. We will continue with the tradition that mum has passed down - spring cleaning, hang Ang Pow packets on the bamboo plants, cook those signature dishes during CNY though we got to admit it will never taste 100% as mum's, serve tea during the 1st day of CNY before we get to touch our Ang Pows, celebrate dad's birthday during the 1st week of CNY and one little tiny secret - parading our new year clothes through a mini fashion show... Blessed Chinese New Year and may you have a meaningful and wonderful time with loved ones!

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