Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our 1st Overnight Camping Trip

Last weekend, together with 2 other families we went for our first overnight camping trip. The husbands were responsible on the camp site (somewhere in Gertak Sanggul) while the wives prepared food (barbeque chicken, maggi instant noodle, fried eggs, baked beans,bread, salad, snacks.....) and were put in-charge of miscellaneous arrangement. So literally we built tents, barbequed our dinner, had can food for breakfast and overnight by the beach and yeah we nearly moved half of our house over, we were quite surprised as we were well equipped with portable stove, pans, toilet rolls, mosquito repellent, “weapons” (just in case we have bad company), dish washer detergent, tiffin carriers………….. the list goes on. It was a good experience for the girls and they loved every bit of it except for the sleeping part where they have to sleep on the hard surface with no bolsters and soft toys accompanying them, but they were just too tired to complain and knocked down in less than 5 minutes. As predicted, hubby and I could hardly sleep that night (we miss our comfortable king size bed) and we re-charged by having longggg……… naps the following day (sign of aging). I encouraged those who have yet to try this out, please give it a try while your body still can take it (ha ha) and by the way, tents are easily obtained from hypermarkets and even my nine year old can put it up quite easily (can't believe it, right?). So now that we have tried camping, I wonder what's next?


Little Inbox said...

Hey, why you don't see me with my hubby in wet market?'s been years I didn't go market already. :)

dorene said...

Wow, camping! Sounds really fun! Did you stay up late to see the stars?


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