Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Proud parents

Today, me and hubby on 1/2 day leave, not to "curi-curi pak toh" but for our daughters' annual concert event. It's a big thing in their kindy and being proud parents we supported them all the way. Little Emily will be doing a group patriotic dance "Malaysiaku Gemilang" and Michelle will be performing a group "Little Angel dance", recite a short well wishes to the graduating students and sang as well.. So I'm going to be a "Ma Ma Sing" for the night, he he he. It's just amazing little things like this make us parents so proud. We bought a Kancil for my mom in-law to fetch them to school when they started kindy and I guess I have to buy an airplane for them when they reach college years...there was once an old saying, one parent can bring up 10 kids but 10 kids can't take care of one parent.....I may not enjoy what my kids did back in my childhood days, but I'm glad that I lack nothing... thanks mom and dad... now it's time I take care of both of you..

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