Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Pooi (one of the 4-stars)was really good in scrapbooking, she shared with me her wonderful creations when I was visiting her last 2 weeks. It was also very sweet of her to buy me a set (for starter) since I mentioned to her maybe I'll try it one of these days. So one of these days was yesterday, Michelle kept pestering me to teach her some art work, so I took out the set (has been hiding from them especially Emily because she will surely turned the whole thing upside down), stressed the dos and donts and off we start with the project.

It's quite a user friendly and straight forward set, we followed the instructions and the suggested layouts, the girls helped with the glue and stickers pastings, I did a little bit of journalling, quite fun for the first attempt. Here are some of the results............ Thank you auntie Pooi Pooi for introducing us to scrapbooking, we had fun...

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