Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

I'm turning well............3X on Sunday. I'm thankful for another year, for the added wrinkles and pigmentation on my face. Turning a year older means my daughters are now 6 and 4, felt that they grew up too slow, he he he. Got my early birthday gift from hubby already, on Wednesday received a nice bouquet from Esther (she's forcing me to age faster), Alex (my assistant) treated me to a sumptious buffet dinner (his promotion cum early birthday celebration) and today I received a big gift from my IT gals and guy (so sweet of them). I feel so much love, thank you from deep down in my hearts.

Hmm... I wonder if hubby is planning anything special this Sunday. He has been extremely busy lately, previous years had always been spent going out for a special meal with the family and my princesses singing the birthday song. Long gone the birthday party, last one I had is sweet 16 if I recalled correctly.

Anyway I wanted to thank for God for making me through my parents and my mom for painfully delivering me on 6th Jan 197X, 12.37a.m. Happy birthday to me!


Celine said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Shaggyfish said...

May you have a wonderful and blessed birthday! I always dread birthday as it reminds me that I couldnt run away of telling my students how old im. Im as old as you hor, hehehe!

BuBBleOo0oo said...

You are so lucky that got so many nice friends around you.

Happy birthday.


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