Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Live band, pak toh and great night

Last Friday, instead of going to our monthly Prayer Church Meeting (we are guilty!!), hubby decided to take me elsewhere to "san sam" (release the heart from worries - in Cantonese). We ended venturing into New World Park, this is my first time, I know I know, so "katak dibawah tempurung" eh? We walked around, for this month they set up "Ladies Street", more like a bazaar type where cute cute, home made, hand craft goodies were sold. I picked two pairs of hand made earrings for RM10.00, real nice, hubby really pampered me that night. Then we ventured into a more classy area where restaurants were situated, spotted a live band on show, the singers comprised of 2 young chicks, 1 young man and 1 plump guy over the electric keyboard. We managed to find a Nyonya restaurant, ordered "tong sui", hubby's "bee koh mui" is nice but not my "gandum/wheat" dessert, the taste is quite weird. We sat in a corner overseeing the open stage where the live band situated. Once we are done with our dessert, we moved nearer to the live band, took a seat and enjoyed the fabulous numbers by the group.

My.. to my surprise they sang very well, they sang numbers from Abba, Celine Dion, Michael Bubblae (wrong spelling I think), Teresa Teng, Michael Wong and a whole lot more. Hubby and I were mesmerized by their showmanship, their voice were powerful, harmonized, each words were pronounced clearly and no pitching problem at all. To me they were closed to perfect, I was glued to my seat till 10.30pm when the group called it a day. I spotted the handsome guy and gave him my contended compliments. If not mistaken I think the group is called "Music makers", live band is on every Fri/Sat from 9pm onwards.......but from different groups I guessed.

I strongly encouraged you all to find time to be there, but don't do it on a prayer night (don't want you all to feel guilty ya!) we will bring mom in-law and the kids with us next time. It was a terrific night, thanks hubby for taking the trouble to plan something random, sweet and nice. Love ya....

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