Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snap snap snap

Last weekend we made a trip back to Kampar to check on dad, on our way back to Penang on Monday morning, we stopped by an area to take some shots of the mountain view, the area is between Jelapang toll and the tunnel of the north-south highway. We wanted to stop there a few times back but did not get too, so since we are of no hurry this time, we decided to pull over. Hubby took shots using his Canon camera, I took using my Nikon Coolpix digital camera. You can view my shots at my other website: http://elainewaiwai.multiply.com

Hubby took lots of shots of me, aiyah so pale looking, I asked him to concentrate on the view instead, we took a light stroll and back into our car, it's nice to do random things randomly occasionally. Here I post hubby's photo, I took a shot of him shooting at me, he will surely complain me of posting his not so handsome photo in the world wide web... he he he

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