Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Support Group

I lead a mama group in church; we make the effort to meet at least once a month. This month we planned a visitation to our Pastor’s wife, she’s suppose to lead this mama group but due to her son’s complication, she is now tied down at home to care for little angel apart from teaching. She has not been able to attend church for a year plus, so we were thinking of visiting her and little angel to show her that we have her in our hearts, to encourage her in this difficult journey and times she is going through and to pray with her.

So all of us, 7 mothers altogether made a trip to her place last Sunday. We chatted and learned more about angel’s condition, how he is progressing and to also find out how is she coping. I also get to play with little angel, calling out to him hoping to get positive response from him. I observed that he has improved since the last time I saw him, he is growing up fast physically, able to feed on syringes (previously with tubes), he cried last two weeks (he has not been able to for many months), he moved quite a bit (he used to be less mobile).

God is good, it is our prayers that He will continue to speed up little angel’s recovery and restore him to full health. Lastly we prayed together, as we prayed and agreed in unison the prayers of the leader, tears flowing from each of the mothers, tears of concern and worries, tears of hope in the Lord. I believe our Pastor and wife are going through a very difficult time of their life; not many of us (I hope none of us) are being put in the circumstances where we have to deal with our child’s life threatening situation. The only thing that keeps them going is their faith in God. It is written in the book of life that our faith shall be tested, just like gold being tested under the fiery test of fire. Trials in life are place in our lives in order to purify and refine us into the finest. May God bless their journey of faith.

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