Monday, June 22, 2009

Preggy?? Bigger house??

Have been having "symptoms" of preggy these few days... like getting dizzy spells, feeling uncomfortable in the morning, super good appetite the next hour and perfectly okay throughout the day... hmm or maybe suffering from mild anaemic, I was dignosed with low platate count last few months, I decided to boil a postnatal drink to boost my blood level (red dates, "kei chee" and "tong sam"), see if my menses come in a few days time, if not... it gives us more reason to search for a bigger house in which hubby is diligently working on now.

Landed property in Penang is selling at super high price and funny thing is, it's still selling like hot cakes, can't really understand Penangnite, really so many 1/2 millionaire and millionaire out there one meh? A 20*60/20*70/20*80 could easily range from RM500-700K depending on the condition (original vs renovated). It's pretty normal to spend RM500K just to buy the house frame and land, to top it up you still need to spend another RM100-150K to renovate the place into a moderate reasonable place to live in.

Haiz.... we prayed for God to provide, we merely human can only plan, outcome is in His hands.


Little Inbox said...

Ho Ho Ho...make the 3rd baby, a baby boy!

miche said...

PTL! A Son is coming. ;)

Ling That's Me said...

oh!! you are trying for #3 ?? :D

All the best!

Wai Wai said...

Little inbox...don't know yet, don't get too excited, ok?

Michelle, if I am then hubby and I would certainly welcome a boy but don't mind getting another girl though...

Ling, we are not just in case God decides to interfere and bless us with another one, we accepted the gift with open hands.

By the way... it's not confirm yet will update later, so many excited mommies/aunties out there ya..


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