Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Class of 32

Today I have the first lecture with my Diploma students and comtemplated to get some inputs to the questions below:

1) What do you want to achieve out of the module?
2) How do you want me (the lecturer) to help you to achieve what you listed in (1)
3) What can you do to achieve what you listed in (1)

The inputs were:

1) Almost 100% said they wanted to achieve high distinction in the course
2) 60% asked for more tips during the final examination (typical students!), one answered "Make the exam paper easier" and one commented "Give me a high score in my assignment".
3) Majority answered "work hard, play hard, be attentive in class" and one even commented, "prayed that the lecturer will like my assignment" :)

Well, it's a good start isn't it? I told them the tips will be given in each of the classes, so they got to attend all lectures and be aware of the magic words "This is very important...". At the mean time I am to deliver the lessons clearly, make the classes fun, interactive , provide good notes and give a good lecture.... these are what expected from me. Not a bad start for a class of 32, as for now, we'll see what transpire later...

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