Friday, August 14, 2009

Tricky answer..

My colleague and I were sharing on our encounters with our unpredictable batch of diploma students....

My colleague in one of her Microcomputing class...

Colleague: Tell me class, what do you know about computers?
Student1 : Ah, I use it to download songs..
Student2 : I use it to download movies...
Student3 : We use them to watch porn movies.. (my goodness)
Students : I access the facebook, friendster, twitter etc...

My colleage commented that she needs to find new ways to teach them...

In one of my class (we were discussing on some techniques that we can use to generate research idea)

Me : What do you understand by brainstorming?
Student 1: Crack our head, hit the head real hard?
Me : Err... in a way..., tell me more
Student 2: Ah, is it something to do with disturbance to the brain..
Me : Err... (you can't actually said they are wrong, right?) BUT I honestly believe they don't get it quite right, so I got to interfere to clarify their understanding on what does it really mean by "storming" the brain..

I believe we should not limit our students' answer and encourage them to be expressive and critical, but at times you do need a lot of sense of humour and patience to deal with them and be open to receive whatever answers they have for you. :D

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