Friday, August 14, 2009

Movie Night

After 3 disturbed nights of sleep (Emily was down with fever but thank God she's back up already), 2 nights of sleep recovery and one long week of marathon revision with Michelle (for her 3rd term test), hubby and I are planning an impromptu date tonight. Our college recreation club is kind enough to organize a movie night free for its staff and spouse. So we are planning to go for a nice dinner after work, then the movie before head back home. I informed the kids of the plan and my plans for them yesterday(they could tag along with MIL to the cell group and play with other kids). Below was Michelle's comment yesterday night when hubby got back home from work:

Michelle: Wah daddy, tomorrow you are very fortunate eh? (She actually used the word "hao ming")
Daddy: Puzzled?? Why you say so?
Michelle : Get to go for a movie wor...
Daddy: Smiling....

We are so blessed to be able to go on dates occasionally, thanks to MIL..

1 comment:

MamaJo said...

Indeed you are so lucky!! Nowadays, my mom didn't stay with me, I really like 'hua lian po'..but, thanks GOD I still, ok lar..still presentable..hehe...just the token of being 24 hours employee plus mother to 2 boys(same times), I lost weight drastically!!!


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