Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm the dentist, so is MIL!

Yeap, I played dentist last Sunday. Michelle was complaining that her front tooth is giving her trouble, it swayed left and right and interrupt her daily schedule, she's in pain during her meals and can't seems to stop playing it with her tongue. MIL was the one who manually extracted the other front tooth previously and she complained that MIL was rough and it was painful, blood came oozing out from her gums.. blah blah blah.. I asked if she wanted me to do the job this time, though reluctant at first, she agreed to the proposal.

So here I am, using a piece of slightly wet hanky, I hold her tooth with my thumb and forefinger, secured it and make sure I have a good tight grip of the tooth, shook it a little bit and pull downwards. I got to make sure it is done quick and painless....... A little "grr..ak" sound was heard and soon the job was done.. I found myself holding her front tooth but thank God it's not that bloody... managed to stop the outpour of blood in a minute by pressing the location with the hanky.

And it was such a relieve for her, not for long though and soon she complained that she got a huge big gap in between her teeth.... haiz.... can't wait for the new teeth to appear.. at the mean time she avoids pronoucing anything that starts with a "f".. LOL


MamaJo said...

Haha...I sure will panic and send my kids to dentist if they start having 'wobbling' tooth :P
Till today, no sign of it yet :)

Wai Wai said...

Mamajo, it's actually quite an easy job, just take a little courage, no need to spend money on the dentist, most of my friends played dentist as well but I'll leave the molars to the dentist, till then it's still manageable.. LOL


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