Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia!

In 3 days time we will be celebrating our 52nd Independence Day! So here wishing Malaysia Happy 52nd Birthday. My college is organizing an exhibition and invite staff and students to express themselves on what Independence/Merdeka means to them. So here I am squeezing creative juice in me and think of below poster. The colouring are contributed by the girls and I, designed my mommy and printed by daddy, so it's kind of a family affair here.

This is my prayer for my homeland:

Emerging as one, not differented by our
Race, colour of our skin, beliefs and social status,
Dedicated to our beloved land,
Encapsulated with love and respect for one another,
Knowing no barriers,
Achieving true 1Malaysia

To all Malaysian out there, Happy Merdeka and Happy Holidays!

Artist, busy at work...

Children playing together, knowing no barrier..

Children are colour blind, what about us? (picture courtesy of Petronas advertisement)

Last but not least, my precious "Siti and Aminah"

Ah... our final masterpiece


Uncle Lee said...

Hi, nice blog posting.
You have a happy hari Merdeka.....
As you celebrate this day, I celebrated that day August 31st, 1957.

I was there when the Union Jack was lowered, and Malaya's new flag slowly rising, fluttering proudly in the morning breeze.
And then hearing for the first time Malaya's national anthem.....I was there.
Merdeka! Lee.

Wai Wai said...

Hi Uncle Lee, thanks for dropping by and also for the fond memories of 30th & 31st Aug 1957.

Jess said...

Nice work from your artist.

Merdeka is over, but my girl still busy coloring her flag. Still haven't complete her assignment..


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