Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lil Isaac, a blessing and channel of worship

How can a bedridden boy who don't even know how to exercise his own body muscle be a channel of worship and glorified our Lord. Little Isaac is hospitalised for uncontrolled fits again and being a parent it is very heartbreaking to see a child lying on the bed and being helpless about it. We could hardly understand how the parents feel BUT I know for sure how Isaac in his condition right now serve to be an instrument of worship that glorifies our Lord.

His life taught us that men has limits, God is all powerful and able,
His life taught us the power of prayer, the power of unity through prayer,
His life taught us that life is so precious, God give us life to enjoy things around us,
His life taught us how beautiful each of us are wonderfully made,
His life taught us about patience, dependence and unconditional love,
His life taught us to be humble, thankful and hopeful,
His life taught us about things we could not have learnt in any other way,
His life is truly a channel of worship that glorifies our Lord.
So lil Isaac, I believe you are in good hands, the battle belongs to our Lord.

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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Wai Wai, I guess sometimes life can be full of questions especially when a young person like Issac having the health problems.
Your posting is heartwarming.
Only God knows....
thus our life today is not a dress rehearsal, we only get to play one round....

You keep well and have a pleasant week, Lee.


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