Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mama Lunch Outing

I planned a “mama lunch” last Saturday contrary to the “mama dinner” last year. The setting is quite similar, get all mama out, away from the kids and hubby, just have a good peaceful lunch (young mothers would know what I mean, not being mean to the daddies out there ya!), chat and chart the course of our “mama group” next milestone. This time we went to OXO restaurant near Queensbay Mall. I’ve been there once, the setting is quite comfortable with couches set up as seats, smooth background music and pretty lamps hanging from the ceiling. We ordered set-lunch from the menus recommended by the chef, the portion was just nice and most importantly we had a fruitful session.

We decided to start a prayer partner group, plan to meat twice a month with some family activities in between that involved the whole family and topical discussions. The ultimate purpose is to support one another in love and in truth with God’s word as our foundation for knowledge and wisdom. We hope to build closer relationship through the prayer partner activity and support each other through the word of God.

Though our membership/attendance is not very consistent (mainly due to family commitments), we thank God for supportive husbands and sure we did talked about our kids and hubbies, it’s true politics and careers are not our cup of tea but rest assured they are not gossips but means to share a part of our lives. I still remember clearly our Pastor’s wife advice to all mothers the last time we met which I think it’s very true… “God does not give us a perfect husband but He gives us the man just right for each of us” How profound…. In the same way we are not perfect mothers and wives but just the right mothers and wives for our children and husband.

Thumbs up for mothers ya! And not forgetting for daddies too…

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